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Exclusive Cover Reveal: Falling for Him by CL Mustafic

March 17, 2017

Originally posted on Molly Lolly:
Blurb: Doctor Gavin Addison’s marriage didn’t end on the friendliest of terms, and his estranged wife’s continual harassment has the local police visiting his home so often they’ve started calling him “the doc.” One of those cops, Officer Lex Turner, has a crush on the handsome doc, even though he…

CQ Writing Rundown

CQ Writing Rundown

March 3, 2017

Hello Folks! Time for the monthly Chrissy Run Down! As you know I started posting my Little Red Book series throughout the internet. It’s just a preview before I finish editing. Once the edits are done only sample chapters will remain so get it while you can. It may or may not end up on […]

Rebranding of Danse Macabre

Rebranding of Danse Macabre

February 4, 2017

  So with Deadly Deception right around the corner, it seemed like the right time to revisit covers for the series! Aren’t they pretty? These aren’t finals but they’re the first round and I’m crazy psyched to see the finished product!