Autumn Darling has been entrenched in the vampire world for a handful of years now, sheltered by her lover, now fiance,  the famed Ballet Dancer Aleksi Mikhailovich.  However, as the situation with the pro-human organization the Sun Cross intensifies Autumn finds herself right back where she was in the beginning; feigning a broken connection with Aleksi as the world looks on and waits for one of them to make a mistake and show that their affection hasn’t diminished as the list of their enemies seems to be ever growing.

One question remains as the situation seems to worsen for Vampires and those tied to them, will Autumn and Aleksi’s secret dalliance continue or will their enemies discover this deadly deception.

Tentative Finish Date: 4/1/17
Tentative Release Date: Spring 2017
Preview on Wattpad

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