CQ Writing Rundown

Hello Folks!

Time for the monthly Chrissy Run Down! As you know I started posting my Little Red Book series throughout the internet. It’s just a preview before I finish editing. Once the edits are done only sample chapters will remain so get it while you can. It may or may not end up on Kindle Scout I’m not certain yet but I will put out one a month from now on, though the previews won’t be as extensive.

On to new March business! Once I finish Seduction in Scarlet I’ll begin posting preview chapters of Deadly Deception. So, there you go Danse Fans, I haven’t forgotten about you!

Once Deadly Deception is finished, I’ll begin posting the 3rd Little Red Book, Violence in Vermilion. During all this I’m still writing Arwn’s Gift #3 but it’s coming slowly, it’ll get there I promise!

Also toward the end of March, Camera Obscura my #UrbanFantasy novel will go on sale in both e-book and hardcover format.  So, if you were interest in that please check it out! The sequel will go up on Kindle Scout around the same time.


#DanseMacabre #LittleRedBook #AleksiAutumn #Vampire #SadieByron #ANovelOfShadows

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