Attack of the Novel Killing Doubt Monster!

Every writer experiences this; you sit down to write with an extraordinarily engaging idea, and you open your respective word processor and then BAM. Doubt Monster camped on your shoulder, outside your window, across the table from you. Everywhere you turn there it is.  Unlike the monsters of most horror films this beastie birthed of your psyche and self-doubt, fueled by your ever plummeting Amazon rating or general self-consciousness, doesn’t jump out and get you. Nope, it just sits there eating away at you.  Gnawing away at your creativity and making you second guess every last thing you do.

We writers have few tools against the doubt monster. One way is to take a break. Admittedly I hate doing this, because when I take a break, I usually start to write something else and when I do that I end up with five projects going at once and not an end in sight. However, taking a break and focusing on something else for a week or two works.

Another way to rid yourself of the doubt monster is to stare at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning. Look into the deep, warm, sweet, apple juice eyes and say, “I love myself, and I am an amazing author.” I know I took that apple juice eyes thing from You’re the Worst, but it works.

Also, there are things to watch out for because the Doubt Monster is one tricky bitch. Never and I mean never, ever, ever focus on your reviews. You might think you want to know how others feel about your latest book, but the truth is that most people who read your work will never write a review for it or even rate it.

The doubt monster is not only the bane of progress but also creativity. And I currently have one following me around like Michael Freakin’ Meyers—from Halloween, not Austin Powers. It’s making me think that no one is going to read A Beautiful Mess because Emilia is too bitchy; that only six people in the whole wide world actually find my Arwn’s Gift series interesting; and lastly that my Danse Macabre series is just crap, complete and utter crap. Then there’s the kicker; maybe I should just give up on my dream and teach.

But what do we tell the Doubt Monster? Not today! …And then we go whine on our blog. 😀

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