Dangerous Desires? Don’t mind if do.

Here is a little preview of the beginning of Dangerous Desires in honor of the one year anniversary of the release of Danse Macabre. Enjoy 🙂

Glancing at my phone again I frowned at the no signal sign. In the distance somewhere another explosion erupted and it felt like my heart was being squeezed. Lacing my fingers back through my hair I let out a long slow breath as downtown Florence, Oregon started to seem more and more like a warzone as more police passed by.

“Please be safe,” I whispered to nothing as I thought about all of the people in my life who could have been effected by the explosions.

A black car with tinted windows pulled up to the curb and someone opened the door. All I could see was the tattooed hand that held it. I knew the hand oh so well. Nikolai’s body was distinctive. Covered in tattoos and decorative scars no one else had that body. My heart felt a little lighter just knowing that he was safe.

“Autumn!” He called my name and I dashed to the car, slipping in beside him my skirt sliding on the leather forcing me against him.

“Oh, Niki,” I cried, throwing my arms around his hard body as he reached around me to close the door. It calmed part of my soul to know he was safe, that I’d see those amazingly bright eyes again. Stop being an idiot there are more important people to ask about. Your fiancé for one! Miss Manners chided me as I smoothed hand hands across Nikolai’s shoulders. “I-is Aleksi okay?” I stammered all of the progress I had made with my nervousness went up in flames with the Sala Building.

“Yeah, the security team found the bombs doing a sweep this morning.” He sighed, I could feel his nervousness just rolling off of him in waves. That unexplainable connection between us making me hyper aware of the sheer terror he was keeping just under the surface. There was relief there too, but he was trying to be calm for me. If we hadn’t shared that link I would have never known that he was on the edge of a panic attack.

Leaning against him, I rubbed my forehead against his shoulder. He was dressed like he had come from Class wearing black tights with a baggy red t-shirt that was that same bright and brilliant red that was Aleksi’s color. That bright crimson marked us all as his. Nikolai was not only Aleksi’s fledgling, but also his son.

Before Tristan and Leslie’s wedding neither of them knew about the bond they shared, though it was somewhat hard to believe neither of them had any inkling of it. They looked remarkably similar, both had the same amazing cerulean eyes, the same straight nose that pointed just enough at the tip to wiggle when they spoke.

Their hair was the same shade almost, though when I had met Nikolai his hair was a deep bronze now it was now so dark it was almost black just a shade or two from the color of Aleksi’s. In life Aleksi’s hair had been that same lively color, or so he told me. The only difference between the two of them was that Nikolai’s mouth was smaller and he had a playful smile. Aleksi’s mouth was in a word kissable, his lips were full, succulent and utterly delicious. The thought that I’d never kiss those lips again frightened me.

“I hate this,” I whispered stroking the polished wood on the door panel.

“Aleksi’s fine… he’s at Crimson Hill. He and Tristan went as soon as the bomb was found. Leslie is going to be crushed though, they’re cancelling the run of Sleeping Beauty. Just to be safe.”

“D-do you have cell service?” I asked gesturing to the slick black phone in his hand. After glancing at it he shook his head.

“No, not since the explosion.”

“Damn.” Sighing I nuzzled against Nikolai’s firm shoulder, he in turn draped his arm across mine tracing idle patterns against the fabric of my shirt.

“It’ll be okay.” Fright had made his accent resurface in full force, usually Nikolai’s was relatively faint, but now he was getting hard to understand. We had been in some horrible situations and it had never been so thick. There was only one thing that could scare him that much and it made my hands shake so bad that my engagement ring clicked against the wood accent on the arm rest.

“There was a threat against me, w-wasn’t there?”

Nikolai didn’t answer me at first, he swallowed. I watched that adam’s apple bob in his throat, it spoke as much as words did. The answer was yes.

“We’ll protect you. Nothing will happen to you, I swear it.” His fingers were cold and clammy—he hadn’t fed. He was running late so he didn’t get to feed from me before leaving, clearly he hadn’t fed at all.

“Why won’t this just stop.” I whispered leaning my head against the window. Nikolai’s body was cool enough that he was leeching my warmth. “I don’t want this. I want you and I want Aleksi but… removed from all of this.” Tears threatened. Stop it, you’re going to ruin your makeup. They make you safe, you can’t change what you are. Regardless of your decisions you would have ended up in a similar place. I wiped just under my eyes and sighed heavily.

Nikolai took a soft little breath and picked at his nails. “Unfortunately for both of us, we got involved in the Vampire world at the wrong time. But, I don’t think we’d be here or we’d be together if we hadn’t. And I gladly suffer it all to have you in my life.” He looked up at smiled at me and the world slowed to a crawl.

Being the Seer had certain drawbacks. The visions I had often formed on reflective surfaces which usually wasn’t a problem. Time to time however I’d end up with an entire vision in a very inconvenient place if it was a random occurrence—like now. The car we were in was going to crash. I watched the whole thing on Nikolai’s eye as time creeped in slow motion. I clung to him for dear life as time sped up again.

“Aut—” BANG. He curled himself around me as the car careened off the highway and rolled into the ditch. Neither of us wore seat belts so we rattled around in the back seat as shards of glass and metal went everywhere twinkling like stars in the darkness.

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