Today is National Unicorn Day!

So, because of today being what it is, I decided to share with you all a Unicorn moment from Eyes of Fire.

      The lower levels of the brothel were filled with moans and screams—desperate, pleading, and pathetic noises. As we walked through the corridors I was struck by the lay out of the floor—it was almost exactly like the dungeon of Heves.

“Good steel is hard enough to find these days…good mithril,”—the dwarf snorted—“you’d have better luck looking for Unicorns.”

“They’re caverns full of mithril veins around Dryslwyn Tanllyd,”

“The fiery thicket… I’ll never understand why you elves are so ploughing literal with your town names. Is it true that you call the Dor river the serpent of glass?”

“Mhm, Gwydr’sarff,” Yorwrath answered him. I paused in the hall.

“Didn’t… oh fuck what’s that place called…Laeth, wasn’t it Green Hill?”

“Long before I was born.”

“Before my day too I think, well here’s to your King Aneurin. Finally, a leader with some balls!” They pounded their mugs on the table. “But tell me, friend. why are ye drinkin’ down here with me and not up there with that lass o’ yours?”

“She needs her rest.”

“And you trust that Druid?”

“No. But I trust his fear… she’s in the hall.”


“I hear her breathing, and her heartbeat…she’s scared.”

“You ploughin’ elves and your fuckin’ senses,” the dwarf scoffed as a chair scraped across the floor. Yorwrath stepped into the hall and forced a smile. I ran into his arms and buried my face in his chest taking deep breaths of his scent as I rubbed my face against coarse cloth of that dark olive coat. I started crying and I couldn’t stop myself—no I didn’t sob but my breathing quaked and tears coated my cheeks.

“What happened?” Yorwrath asked as he closed his arms around me.

“She saw you die,” Caoilfionn answered his eyes sweeping over us.


“A far reaching bad dream…one that means we have to leave now.”

“Now?” Yorwrath pressed his hand to my forehead. “She’s burning up. It was probably just a ploughing fever dream.”

“Yes now. Trust my urgency, Yorwrath. In her condition if it was possible I’d have her rest. As it stands we might have lost too much time already.”

“What’s he blatherin’ on about?” Frode stepped into the hall.

“We’re leaving tonight, Frode son of Dag.”

“How the ploughin’ hell do ya’ know my name,” the dwarf seethed at Caoilfionn who let his glamor slip off of him like a sheet from a statue. The magic washoed over the pale seemingly elven male revealing that long spill of white hair over his shoulder and the gleaming silver horn in the center of his forehead. “Sweet Rhiannon’s tits it’s a Unicorn!”

“Yes, now pack your things we need to leave.”

“If you’d beg me pardon, but canna’ leave me livelihood, Master Unicorn Sir.”

“It’s your livelihood or your life, I’ll let you choose; but we’re leaving within the hour.”

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